What Can I Do Before Submitting a Requst?

What Can I Do Before Submitting a Requst?

What Can I Do Before Submitting a Requst?


I Have an Emergency!

What Can I Do Before Submitting a Requst?

What Can I Do Before Submitting a Requst?


How Do I Submit a Maintenance Request?

What Can I Do Before Submitting a Requst?

How Do I Submit a Maintenance Request?

Before Submitting a Request

Heating / Air Conditioning

Is the switch on the furnace turned on? (looks like a light switch)

Is the filter dirty? If so, change it.

Is the display working on the thermostat? (if not, change batteries in thermostat)

Is the thermostat set to heat/cool?

Are you getting heat/air downstairs but not upstairs? Check the Damper lever for the furnace. Here is a helpful video about adjusting dampers:


If a technician is scheduled to come on site to repair your Air Conditioning, make sure the unit is turned off at least 2 hours prior to scheduled appointment to allow the unit to thaw out if frozen. If a technician arrives and the unit is frozen, they will not be able to perform service, a second appointment will be needed and you will be charged our standard $75.00 trip charge for the first trip. 

Water Leak / Plumbing

  If there is a water leak, shut off the water immediately!!

Shut offs are normally located behind all toilets and under every sink. The water main shut off is located in the basement. 

Toilet issue – Shut off water and discontinue use immediately!

Hot water not very hot? – check temperature dial on hot water heater.

Hot water not hot at all? – Check pilot light on hot water heater.


 Check breaker box to ensure it isn’t just a tripped breaker

Bad outlet - unplug everything from it and discontinue use immediately!

Outlet won’t work - Is it a GFI? Push the reset button and try again. 

If you have tried all of the above troubleshooting methods and none work, notify us and we will send a technician to address the issue. Based on priority and first available time, you will be contacted via e-mail and no time frame will be given unless requested.

How to Deal with Maintenance Emergencies

1. Assess the Situation

The Following Items are Considered Maintenance Emergencies Per Your Lease:

  • Fire
  • Flood (any water issue that could cause significant property damage)
  • No hot water
  • No cold water
  • Overflowing toilet
  • Electrical or gas failure of any nature
  • “No Heat” is considered an emergency if the outside temperature is 55 degrees or lower
  • “No A/C” is considered an emergency if the outside temperature is above 80 degrees or higher

2. Submit a Request

ALL maintenance requests (emergency or non-emergency) are required to be submitted via the Rent Café online resident portal. If you are having an emergency AFTER HOURS or during a Holiday, after submitting your request,  please email with the work order number, your contact information and your address. 

3. Follow Instructions

Someone from our service team will be contacting you with the next steps to take.

Important Note

If there is a fire, gas leak, or any other emergency that is compromising your safety, please call 911.

How To Submit a Maintenance Request

1. Log into your RentCafe Portal

If you are not registered please contact the leasing office for further instruction.

2. Click to the Maintenance Tab

Once you are logged into your resident portal there will be a tab on the top left that says "Maintenance Request", click here.

3. Fill out the Request

Fill out the request form with the applicable information. Allowing us permission to enter will speed up the process.

4. Please be Patient

After submitting a maintenance request within 24-48 business hours, you will receive an e-mail directly from the service department with either the date in which your service is scheduled or further instructions needed before scheduling. 

How Can I Follow Up?

You may contact our Service Department at